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How does one law firm have a staff that has collectively raced and finished over 25 full Ironman distance triathlons?

Attorney Joe Zarzaur Ironman

Attorney Joe Zarzaur – Lawyer, Triathlete, Ironman®

One word: perseverance. Our law firm prides itself on hiring lawyers and staff that will not settle, people that are self-driven and pride themselves on achieving things that seem insurmountable. The sport of triathlon is a challenging sport, even with the smaller distance events. The combination of three different sports and the need to train for multiple events requires athletes to be both fit and disciplined. High pain thresholds, mental toughness, time management, and devotion to a goal. All of these characteristics are necessary and valuable traits for the sport of triathlon but are also important in the business of personal injury litigation.

Insurance companies and their lawyers are like distance courses. They are in a war of attrition and their goal is to wear you and your lawyer down until you are willing to either give up or take next to nothing for your case. Our lawyers and staff are the perfect opposition for such a battle tactic. We have proven, even in our hobbies, that distance and discomfort are to be embraced and overcome.

Dr. Evan Malone

Dr. Evan Malone – 20+ Ironman® Finishes

Personal injuries that occur during triathlon activities such as swimming, biking, and/or running bring a special type of case to our firm. Our fellow athletes who become clients can’t help but become cases of special interest. We are you, and we understand what drives you and what places you in harm’s way. We have been on the road with crowded drivers who have no patience for cyclists; we have been in the races with hundreds of swimmers fighting for position around the first bouys; we have been on the run courses that traverse busy intersections with sketchy traffic control.  We have been there and we have thought about how easy it would be to be injured by such negligence.

Sporting events, including races, walks, and triathlons, can often yield many different types of injuries to participants. Injuries sustained from races may include:

  • Collision with other runners, swimmers, cyclists, automobiles
  • Wrecks due to improper racing conditions, like fog or damaged racing surfaces.
  • Hypothermia
  • E. coli contraction
  • Exhaustion or serious injury due to coaching negligence
  • Serious infection or disease caused by waterborne bacteria.
  • Respiratory infections
  • Road rash
  • Knee injury
  • Muscle strain
  • Torn ligaments
  • Head injury
  • Heat exhaustion

We also know what a toll a serious injury can have on an athlete’s life.

We have all had injuries if you have competed in any of the three sports that make up triathlon. Fortunately, none of us have suffered life-changing injuries, and most of our clients end up with this fate. This is not something we can speak about via personal experience, but it is something we can relate to given our experience with the sport and being injured and suffering temporary disabling conditions. We understand the mental and emotional injury that is suffered day in and day out when you cannot do the thing that you love and that your body craves. This helps us as a personal injury law firm. We have a taste of the disability and loss that you or your family’s sports-related injury has and will continue to have in the future. Having a law firm that knows athletics and specifically knows multi-sport, not only assures you and your family that we will understand the facts of your case, but also provides a guarantee that we will also appreciate how this injury or loss will continue to affect you and your family for years to come.

We at Zarzaur Law, PA would feel comfortable placing our 25 plus Ironman® distance races against any other law firm’s experience in the sport.

If there is a more suitable law firm for triathlon sporting injuries (swimming, cycling, or running), we have not heard of them and we at Zarzaur Law, PA would feel comfortable placing our 25 plus Ironman distance races against any other law firm’s experience in the sport. More importantly, what this dedication says about the people that work here and that will be championing your case each day is what really matters. Perseverance, dedication, and results.

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