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Why Hate Joe?

Personal injury lawyer Joe Zarzaur

If you’ve ever had the chance to meet him, maybe at Gallery Night or with the Zarzaur Law triathlon team, you probably like Joe Zarzaur.

However, if you’ve ever met him in the courtroom, you may have different feelings about him. The story behind the “I Hate Joe Zarzaur” billboards you’ve seen comes from one of these courtroom encounters. That case ended with a $9.3 million dollar verdict for Joe’s client. You can read the full story below.

Reasons to hate Joe Zarzaur:

  • He’s tenacious.
  • He’s aggressive.
  • He’s not intimidated.
  • He’ll fight.
  • He’ll win.

Reasons his clients love him: See above.

Shouldn’t You Hire an Expert for Your Personal Injury Case?

If all lawyers offer the same “no fee guarantee” unless you win your case, why wouldn’t you choose the best? Joe Zarzaur is Board Certified by the Florida Bar in Civil Trial Law. Only 1% of lawyers in the State of Florida are Board Certified. He’ll fight for you and get the compensation you deserve, no matter the size or resources of the responsible party.

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Here’s the story behind the campaign: Pensacola personal injury lawyer, Joe Zarzaur’s recent trial opponents never made any reasonable settlement offers prior to trial despite the serious nature of the case. Instead, this international medical device company, Ethicon Endo Surgery, Inc. (a Johnson & Johnson company), decided to fill a courtroom full of defense lawyers and deny any wrongdoing.The result… An Escambia County jury returned a 9.3 million dollar verdict for Joe’s client. So maybe “hate” is not exactly what those defense lawyers were thinking, but they left in such a rush that we might not ever know. Of course, they appealed… The appellate court took about 36 hours to rule that their appeal did not justify a written response.

In the end, the good guy won.

Just like Ethicon Endo Surgery, Inc didn’t want to own up to their responsibility, many reckless drivers don’t want to accept accountability for their actions. That’s unacceptable to Joe, and it’s why he works so tirelessly to defend the rights of the victim. 

While many reckless drivers may end up hating Joe for not letting them get off easy, his clients love him because he never stops fighting for the compensation they deserve.

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