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Product Liability Law

When a product injures or kills someone because of negligent design, negligent manufacturing or insufficient product warnings, Zarzaur Law’s team of Pensacola based personal injury lawyers offer the experience and resources needed to recover full damages for victims and survivors.

We have obtained substantial compensation through trial and settlements against manufacturers, designers and sellers of defective products.

Where can defective products cause injury?
Unsafe products and product defects can cause serious injury or death in many different environments:

  • Auto defects include tire blowouts or malfunctioning seat belts or air bags
  • Industrial machinery may lack safety guards or may malfunction
  • Medical implants, such as hip replacements, pace makers and defibrillators can fail
  • Scaffolding and construction equipment may be defective and cause serious injury or death
  • Tools and implements, such as power saws or lawnmowers, may be negligently designed, lack sufficient safety warnings, or be manufactured improperly
  • Consumer products may have inherently dangerous design, improper instructions or inadequate warnings of hazards
  • Baby products such as cribs, strollers, toys and even clothing may have inadequate warnings or a negligent design that put infants at risk
  • Dietary products and supplements may be pushed to market without adequate safety studies
  • Products imported from other countries with lower safety standards, such as some Chinese products, may cause injury in the United States

productsliability Securing Compensation for Victims of Defective Products
Zarzaur Law acts promptly in defective product cases to maximize the chance of fair recovery for our clients’ injury claims. We first secure the product itself for examination by experts. We consult with the most qualified engineers, mechanics, and other experts to research the design and manufacturing process. Our Pensacola personal injury lawyers also investigate any history of similar defective product claims against the company and the manufacturers’ response to concerns about product safety.

We invest a lot of time and money in defective product cases to ensure that our clients get full compensation from manufacturers of unsafe products.

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