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Personal Injury Lawyer: Persistence Is Key

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– John Calvin Coolidge

Personal Injury Lawyer: Persistence Pays Off

Persistence is a required quality in any good trial and personal injury lawyer.  In the personal injury lawyer business our clients and us are being constantly told “no” or “not that much” or “it will not happen“.  We are the smaller entity in these fights that involve multi-billion dollar insurance enterprises.   These insurance companies have and use their biggest weapon in every case, their size and bargaining power.  The absolute only thing that a Plaintiff and her personal injury lawyer have to combat this inequity is the perseverance and persistence to not accept the opponent’s impression of reality and to force a different reality on the opponent.  Many times this can be accomplished without a jury assisting but more times than not a jury is required to help the behemoth corporation or insurance company change its perspective.   We here at Pensacola Law Firm, Zarzaur Law, specialize in this kind of persistence.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury or wrongful death, allow our firm to consult with you about it.  We pledge above all to be persistent and to always persevere.

Joe Zarzaur, founder of Zarzaur Law, a Pensacola Personal Injury firm, has created this  blog in an effort to educate the many citizens and visitors of Pensacola, Florida about their legal rights.Board Certified Lawyer Joe Zarzaur knows the ins and outs of Florida law, and offers friendly-quality legal help whether you have experienced an auto accident/car wreck, have been a victim of medical malpractice or are in need of a personal injury lawyer.

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