Do I need to hire a lawyer? What does it mean for a Pensacola personal injury attorney to be ‘board-certified’? What do you do if you’re the victim of a car accident? Find out the answers to these questions and more here on Joe’s blog.

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Zarzaur Named One of Florida’s Legal Elite™

Published: June 25, 2020
Joe Zarzaur, a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer and founder of Zarzaur Law, P.A., has been voted by peers as one of Florida’s Legal Elite™. This distinction was based on success in service to the State of Florida and Zarzaur’s exceptional legal skills in civil trial law in representing plaintiffs in personal injury cases. As
Can You Fire Your Lawyer, Even After Signing a Contract?
Published: June 18, 2020
 What happens if you hire a personal injury firm for your injury case and realize that you made a mistake? The short answer is nothing happens and you can leave without any concern of being charged for that time. The fact is that most every Florida personal injury lawyer works for free unless you hire
Evan Malone, M.D. Joins Zarzaur Law, P.A.
Published: June 17, 2020
Zarzaur Law, P.A. announces the addition of Evan Malone, M.D. to the firm. Dr. Malone joins the firm as the firm’s full time medical expert. Dr. Malone has been a part time medical consultant to the firm since 2012. The firm’s business has increased over the last several years and its concentration on medical malpractice
COVID-19: Vigilance, Hygiene, and Symptom Recognition Should Not be Abandoned.
Published: June 8, 2020
Virtual Office to Careful Transition Thirteen weeks ago the Zarzaur Law office staff moved to a completely remote, work-from-home operation.  While the majority of client meetings, hearings, mediations, and depositions remain “virtual” a careful transition to return some of the office staff back to the office has taken place. At the outset, thirteen weeks ago, the
What is a Compulsory Medical Exam and Why Does an Injured Plaintiff Have to Undergo this Medical Exam?
Published: May 27, 2020
Preface As a preface to this discussion, the issue of compulsory medical exams typically becomes a possibility only after a lawsuit is filed. Since a high percentage of personal injury cases resolve prior to having to file suit, this procedural technique allows for a medical exam by a third party physician hired by the insurance

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