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Zarzaur Law Files Lawsuits Over Three Mile Bridge Damage
Published: November 25, 2020
PENSACOLA, Fla. (November 25, 2020) — Zarzaur Law, P.A. filed lawsuits for clients, against Skanska USA Civil Southeast, Inc. and Eisman and Russo, Inc., for negligence associated with the collapse of the Three Mile Bridge during Hurricane Sally. Prior to Hurricane Sally’s arrival, the unfinished Three Mile Bridge was operational and had two lanes of
What is the Average Cost of a Car Accident?
Published: November 18, 2020
After the initial shock of an auto accident, wouldn’t you think your biggest concern would be for your treatment and recovery?  Unfortunately, what becomes your biggest concern is how to cover bills. Ambulance rides, emergency room visits and ongoing treatment can all be expensive, and that may be the tip of the iceberg when it
Florida Law Related to E-Bikes.
Published: October 15, 2020
E-bikes are becoming more and more popular in our country.  In fact, in the last 3 years the sales of these motor assisted bikes has tripled and there were approximately 65 million in e-bike sales in 2017.  These bikes are popular since they open the activity to groups of individuals that would otherwise not feel
A Near Miss on a Regular Road is a Certain Automobile Wreck on a Bridge.
Published: October 8, 2020
The Three Mile Bridge has been shut down due to damage caused by Hurricane Sally, and now commuters in Santa Rosa and Escambia counties are left with one main route –  the two-lane Garcon Point Bridge. Drivers are now experiencing delays and congestions in the area and for some, their morning and evening commutes have
Spur-of-the-Moment Labor Day Weekend Travel – Safety Reminders.
Published: September 4, 2020
While the automobile club (AAA) is not making any travel predictions for the holiday weekend, officials do expect more spur-of-the-moment travel. More travel is expected by driving for Labor Day this year because of the coronavirus pandemic and drivers around the country are seeing some of the lowest gas prices in four years, according to AAA. “We’re seeing