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Zarzaur Law Files Lawsuits Over Three Mile Bridge Damage

PENSACOLA, Fla. (November 25, 2020) — Zarzaur Law, P.A. filed lawsuits for clients, against Skanska USA Civil Southeast, Inc. and Eisman and Russo, Inc., for negligence associated with the collapse of the Three Mile Bridge during Hurricane Sally.

Prior to Hurricane Sally’s arrival, the unfinished Three Mile Bridge was operational and had two lanes of traffic going each way. Despite their knowledge of Hurricane Sally’s approach and destructive potential, Skanska and their contractors made the conscious decision to keep working on the bridge instead of securing their equipment, in violation of their contract with the Florida Department of Transportation. As a result, dozens of Skanska’s floating work platforms broke free of their restraints and moved uncontrollably around Pensacola Bay. Some of these platforms crashed repeatedly the Three Mile Bridge, causing a collapse which has rendered the bridge unsuitable for traffic.

Among several others, Zarzaur Law represents The Dock, one of the largest and most recognizable entertainment venues on Pensacola Beach. Prior to the collapse of the Three Mile Bridge, The Dock enjoyed a steady stream of patrons, including many tourists and residents of the greater Pensacola area.

Until the Defendants’ negligence caused the collapse of multiple sections of the Three Mile Bridge, The Dock was a thriving, locally owned bar and entertainment venue. However, the preventable collapse of the Bridge has deterred most of their former patrons. Tourists who would normally vacation at Pensacola Beach have chosen not to come because of the increased travel time. Pensacola residents who like to unwind at the Beach have similarly chosen not to patronize The Dock due to increased fuel costs and the fact that it now takes hours instead of minutes to visit the beach. “We are already at losses of more than $60,000 so far and we have had to lay off many of our employees,” says Justin Smith, General Manager of The Dock. “We have decided to close at 5 p.m. each day since the beach is absolutely a ghost town after that. No one is wanting to drive that far to the beach unless they are staying out here. Even in the off season The Dock always made a profit and was known for live entertainment,” says Smith. “We can’t afford to even have a DJ, let alone make payroll, pay utilities. etc. The businesses on the beach are in big trouble.”

Many of the firm’s clients have experienced huge economic losses, ranging from increased travel time for employees, managers, and patrons along with increased fuel supply and costs, lost profits, and lost business opportunities. Zarzaur’s lawsuits seeks reimbursement for all of the economic losses that the firm’s clients have incurred since the Bridge’s collapse.

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