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Wrongful Death Series Part 7: What Should You Do If Your Loved One Dies Unexpectedly In The Hospital Or While Under The Care Of A Doctor?

Loved One Dies UnexpectedlyMany Florida families are faced with the real-life occurrence of a loved one dying unexpectedly in a hospital. They go in for what sounds like a routine type of procedure and end up having significant complications that cause their death. The family is rarely provided the full story and they are usually left to wonder what could have gone wrong. The hospital risk management may have even visited with your family to discuss the issue and perhaps offer some monetary settlement in an effort to get you to not visit with a lawyer.

They may have even offered to conduct an autopsy in their hospital to get you the “answers” you deserve. Again, all of this is in an effort to de-escalate the situation in hopes that they can keep you out of an office like ours.

So, what should you and your family do?

Here is Attorney Joe Zarzaur’s Advice.


First, everyone needs to write out or dictate on their phone exactly what they recall happening in the hospital. This will be important later, so make sure everyone does it asap.

Consider a Private Autopsy

Second, your family should seriously consider a private autopsy before the funeral home does anything to your relative. These usually run between $7,000 and $12,000 plus transportation to and from the medical examiner’s office, unless the forensic pathologist comes to the funeral home.

Make sure to only hire a board-certified forensic pathologist. Keep in mind that a board-certified pathologist is not the same thing as a forensic pathologist.

Do not settle for a “hospital” based autopsy that is performed by the same facility and same employees that you are suggesting could have prevented your relative’s death.

Consult With An Attorney

Third, your family should consult with a law firm that has experience with medical malpractice wrongful death cases and whose firm is set up to handle these serious matters.

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