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What Zarzaur Law, PA is Doing to Keep All Employees Safe While Returning to Work.

As Zarzaur Law, PA prepares to gradually bring staff back into the office, it is very important to protect everyone and safety is priority one!

Here is what the firm is doing to keep everyone safe during this transition time from teleworking to re-entering the office full time.


Before Reporting To Building:
Stay home if you are sick (fever, myalgia, cough, shortness of breath), except to get medical care.

Notify management if you become acutely ill (above) or have a sick close contact (co-habitants, significant other).

Commuting To Building:
Do not park in close proximity to others, park in open area while maintaining a safe walk to building entrance.

Do not touch handrails, elevator buttons, parking meters, door handles (besides office building).

Entry to building at Romana Street entrance (upstairs) – OR – Palafox Street entrance (downstairs).

Upon Entering Building (Before Doing Anything Else):
Wash your hands with soap and warm water, at least 20 seconds.
(Use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol if soap and warm water not available – 30 seconds).

Exterior of all personal items brought into office must be disinfected with antiseptic wipe – coffee cup, water bottle, mobile phone, handbag, purse, wallet.

Wash hands again after disinfecting personal items.

Check temperature (see below).

Body Temperature Checks:
Three times daily: upon entering building at start of shift, mid-shift check (lunch break (full day staff), mid-morning or mid-afternoon (half-day staff), end of shift check upon leaving building. Wash hands (or use hand sanitizer) prior to handling thermometer.

Wipe handle and buttons of thermometer with alcohol swab after use of thermometer.

Document each temperature reading with a Slack message to Joe – temperature with date/time

Wash hands (or use hand sanitizer) after using thermometer.

Movement Within Office:
Maintain six foot separation from others in the office, including hallway and stairwell traffic.

One person at a time in common spaces – hallway, kitchen/coffee, copier/fax/scanner, water cooler, stairwell.

Only use your assigned workspace.

No use of conference rooms without permission.

Diligence on need to leave building at any time besides end of shift.

*** Three times daily = start of shift, mid-shift, end of shift.

Cough and sneeze – cover mouth with tissue, immediately dispose of tissue.

Immediately wash hands and re-sanitize workspace and electronics.

All paper towels are single use and to be placed in provided receptacles immediately after use.

Surfaces disinfected three times daily. ***

Use only your assigned machine (computer) and office phone.

Sanitize machine (keyboard, mouse, mousepad) and phone (handpiece, earpiece, keypad) three times daily. ***

Personal Items:
Do not allow others to borrow or use pens, mobile phones, keys, coffee cups.

Make your own coffee.

Sanitizing The Office:
Handrails, coffee/water, copier/fax/scanner, sink handles/faucets, and door handles (inside and outside) must be sanitized three times daily ***
> management to decide on rotating assignment vs single owner of this task

Kitchen and coffee counter surfaces to be sanitized thee times daily ***

Conference room tables to be sanitized before and after every use – permission required for use.

Front door guests – utilize doorbell, reception wears mask/gloves when interacting, inform of closed office protocol.

All visitors, vendors, clients must be approved prior to permission into building.

Visitors must follow hand washing protocol upon entry to building.
Disinfect all surfaces and touch points when visitors exit building.

*** Three times daily = start of shift, mid-shift, end of shift.

The Zarzaur Law firm remains fully operational and the staff is working hard on client’s behalf (safely and remotely). Attorneys will still be seeing clients either safely in office or via video conferencing.

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