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Tracy Morgan Suing Walmart After Near-Fatal Truck Crash

If you ever thought that it wasn’t worthwhile to at least know one Pensacola truck accident lawyer, this news is sure to change your mind. Truck accidents, which are highly perilous compared to other auto accidents – and often fatal – can happen to absolutely anyone, anywhere, at any time. The amount of weight, speed, and force involved can make an accident that doesn’t look severe to the naked eye actually extremely traumatic to those involved.

The Tragic Case of Tracy Morgan

To illustrate this point, one need look no further than recent tragic news from the entertainment industry. On June 7th of this year, actor and comedian Tracy Morgan (30 Rock, Saturday Night Live) was severely injured in a six-car pileup in Delaware after leaving a show that was part of a nationwide tour. In the accident, which was caused by a large Walmart tractor-trailer, several other passengers were injured along with Morgan, and one was tragically killed.

Morgan and others involved in this horrific accident have literally spent months getting out of the hospital, recovering, and returning to some semblance of their previous lives. Morgan rightfully filed a lawsuit against Walmart in early July. If, heaven forbid, you found yourself or a loved one in this situation, this is where a knowing a skilled Pensacola truck accident lawyer with field-specific experience is absolutely crucial.

Especially when a large corporation is involved because beginning from the investigatory stages, having your own counsel in place is paramount. The defendant corporation is likely to have safeguards in place to protect themselves from any amount of liability they possibly can. As insensitive as it sounds, they are likely to be on the scene within hours, finding ways to shirk their responsibilities and avoid paying for your injuries, property damages, and other expenses.

What Exactly Does a Pensacola Truck Accident Lawyer Do?

A good Pensacola truck accident lawyer will be able to fully assess the facts of the accident. They will act swiftly, and if a large corporation is implicated they will pursue punitive damages, enabling you to attain not only reparation, but also the justice you deserve as a victim. These companies typically have higher limits on their insurance policies, and an aggressive lawyer will use the evidence to pursue every avenue possible, including exploring whether negligence or recklessness was present, to achieve a favorable outcome for you and your family.

If you are looking for a proven and proficient Pensacola truck accident lawyer with years of experience getting justice for victims, look no further than Joe Zarzaur of Zarzaur Law. Joe is one of the few lawyers in the area to be board-certified in civil litigation, meaning the state recognizes him as an expert in exactly this type of case. Joe will be your advocate inside and outside of the courtroom, and will stop at nothing to make those liable pay for their wrongs.

To learn more about Joe, or to get more information about your particular case, please contact the firm right away at 855-HIRE-JOE, or by requesting a free case review here.