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The Many Lines of Defense Against Uninsured Motorists

While the statistics vary slightly, the bottom line does not: Florida is chock-full of uninsured motorists prowling the roadways, ready to wreak havoc on law-abiding drivers. Protecting yourself is absolutely necessary, and being familiar with a qualified Pensacola injury lawyer will enable you to be better prepared should a mishap come find you.

It’s “Uninsured Motorists Gone Wild” in the State of Florida

Numbers often speak volumes. Here in the state of Florida, estimates have placed between 14 and 25 percent of all drivers as being uninsured. This is among the highest in the country, with some studies even placing our great state as number one. Should you end up in a situation where you suffer an injury in an auto accident with an uninsured driver, you may be looking at a severe strain on your finances to get the care you need. First and foremost, as any Pensacola injury lawyer will agree, you absolutely must get uninsured motorist protection on your insurance policy. Luckily, the Florida state legislature has enacted a policy requiring your insurance company to make you sign a separate document if you refuse this insurance subcategory, meaning everyone should at least have the chance to review and consider its benefits. Obviously none of us ever plan to be in an accident – especially with an uninsured driver – but the best-laid plans often go to waste, and you must always be prepared.

When Can a Pensacola Injury Attorney Help?

Your second line of defense in these unfortunate situations should be a proven and knowledgeable Pensacola injury lawyer. For so many reasons, having a great lawyer in tow serves your best interests. First, Florida has what are called “no-fault” accident laws. In short, these laws require you to have a medically documented permanent injury in order to be able to collect the full array of damages and benefits. Good personal injury lawyers will have great working relationships with medical doctor who can recommend the treatment options that allow you to satisfy the law and push your case forward. Additionally, without the other party carrying insurance, the civil case is often more complicated and convoluted, necessitating an lawyer who has waded through the muck before, and knows how to deliver the absolute best results to ensure your physical and financial wellbeing. Lastly, I think all of us can appreciate having an ally through trying times. An experienced Pensacola injury lawyer is sure to have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of these cases and will be able to give you sound and compassionate advice every step of the way.

If you are looking for the most qualified, proven, and capable Pensacola injury lawyer, look no further than Joe Zarzaur of Zarzaur Law. Joe is among the small percentage of Florida lawyers who are board certified in civil litigation and he has extensive experience handling uninsured motorist cases. Joe never runs from a fight, and will not settle until you’ve gotten what you deserve, even if it means going all the way to verdict. Joe Zarzaur cares about his clients, and wants to see justice served to uninsured drivers who hurt law-abiding citizens.

To learn more about Joe or to discuss your specific case in-depth, please do not hesitate to contact the firm at 855-HIRE-JOE, or by requesting a free case review here.