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The Dramatic Increase in Road Rage Car Wrecks

In modern society, there has been a startling increase in road rage incidents. These incidents include vehicle crashes, violent attacks, and significant stress on the criminal justice system. In this blog, we will look at the statistics and discuss how best to protect yourself if you are the victim of a road rage incident.


What is Road Rage?

Road rage is generally defined ass aggressive behavior while driving. This can be in the form of rude gestures, tailgating, brake checking, honking, swerving, and more. It can include more aggravate acts such as physical attacks and intentional crashes. In the United States, road rage is the cause of approximately 30 murders each year. Cases involving guns and road rage have been increasing each year. It has been estimated that 8 in 10 Americans are involved in road rage each year.

More ominously, certain statistics show that one in three-vehicle crashes involve some form of road rage. This can include crashes caused by illegal maneuvers, intentional speeding in dangerous areas, tailgating and aggressively changing lanes without signaling.

Road rage can be habit-forming, almost addictive. Studies show that the average “road rager” has engaged in such behavior over 25 times. This means that the behavior can lead to a vicious cycle, which is very dangerous.


Road Rage Behaviors Include:

– Excessive yelling, cursing, and offensive gesture directed at another driver
– Intentionally crashing the car into the victim’s car
– Tailgating
– Honking excessively and flashing lights
– Throwing objects at the other vehicle
– Attempting to run the other person off the road
– Firing a gun at the other vehicle.
– Aggressive driving


How to Avoid Road Rage

While exposure to some road rage is inevitable on our crowded highways, there are certain actions you can take to avoid being a victim.

– Never return rude gestures in kind
– If a driver is displaying road rage behavior, let them drive ahead of you in traffic
– Change lanes (SAFELY) if you are being tailgated
– If things get particularly bad or you feel threatened, call law enforcement as soon as possible
– DO NOT STOP, as this could lead to a fight


Consequences of Road Rage

As previously mentioned, road rage can lead to car crashes, property damage, personal injury, and death. According to NHTSA, road rage-related deaths have increased over 500 percent in the last decade. Cases involving guns have doubled in the last few years, probably due to the prevalence of guns in our society. This has led t serious injury and death. In addition, it is estimated that at least 20 percent of all fatal car crashes were caused by aggressive driving.

Because of this, insurance rates may increase substantially in areas with excessive road rage incidents in areas where there are more such behavior and more crashes, the insurance companies will raise automobile insurance rates to reflect the increased costs of such behavior. This behavior costs responsible and good drivers millions of dollars every year.


Injuries Involving Road Rage and What You Should Do

The statistics show that many people are injured as a result of road rage, or aggressive driving. Most automobile liability policies exclude intentional behavior from coverage. This means that if you are injured as a result of road rage, the responsible driver’s insurance may not provide coverage to compensate you for your injuries. An experienced trial lawyer can guide you through this process, and make sure there is no improper denial of coverage.

Even if there was intentional action, and an insurance company denies coverage, your own uninsured motorist (UM) coverage may compensate you for your injuries. This is a complex area of the law and requires the advice of an experienced trial lawyer.

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