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Spotlight on Zarzaur Law Staff: Dianna Ta

Personal Injury LawyerDianna and Zarzaur Law

My favorite project at Pensacola Personal Injury Law Firm, Zarzaur Law, has been preparing for Trial. Seeing the entire Pensacola Law Firm team working diligently for weeks really made me inspired to see what lawyers and their employees go through when they have such an important case to try.

About Dianna Ta

The best vacation I’ve ever been on has to be a cross country road trip from Florida to Colorado. It took my boyfriend & I three days, and trading in beaches for mountains was the best part.

My favorite quote has to be “Just do it” -Nike. No excuses. Literally, just do it.

If I could eat one meal for the rest of my life, it would have to be sushi.

On my days off, I like to run, take my dog on walks, explore coffee shops, watch my favorite shows, and go to the beach. My first concert was Kenny Chesney back in elementary school.

My favorite TV show has to be “The Office”.

My favorite thing to do in Pensacola has to be hammock-ing at the beach. My favorite place to eat has to be Fuji’s in Gulf Breeze and Four Seasons in Downtown Pensacola. I

was originally born in San Bernardino, California but my family moved to Pensacola when I was only a few months old so this is where I was raised and consider it to be my hometown.

I’d like to travel around Asia, Australia Europe, and many major cities in the United States including Northern California, Hawaii, and any northern state past Virginia.