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No Free Bites in Florida

If you were bitten by a dog and injured as a result, even if it was partially due to your own negligence, you would be wise to begin searching for a Pensacola injury lawyer because you are in the right state for plaintiffs. Many lawyers will laugh or wax nostalgic when thinking back to their law school days and the old rule – dating all the way back to English law – that every dog gets one free bite. The crux of the rule is this: as an owner, you should not be liable for the bite of your dog unless you know it have vicious tendencies and still allowed it the opportunity to bite a human being. To know of vicious tendencies, you must have previously witnessed vicious acts, such as a bite. From this comes the rule that the first bite is “free”: while the owner is not liable for that first vicious act, he is now officially on notice and will be on the hook for any subsequent bites.

Dog Bite Laws in Florida are Different

In Florida, we don’t prescribe to this rule at all. As any good Pensacola injury lawyer knows, the rule in Florida puts liability on any dog owner in any place (lawfully), regardless of known vicious tendencies of the dog. As to how much a victim can contribute to a bite with his or her own negligence – a Florida court will simply reduce recovery by the proportion to which the negligence caused the bite. For example, if a person is equally at fault with the dog, their recovery will be reduced by fifty percent. There is only one real “carve out” in the Florida law, and it goes as follows: if the owner, at no fault of their own (including negligence), has a bite take place on their property where they have prominently displayed a sign that says “Bad Dog” or “Beware of Dog,” and the victim is over six years of age.

While some of this may sound silly or funny, the consequences of dog bites are no joke at all. Dog bites are painful, traumatizing, and often result in ER visits, serious bleeding, and even permanent injuries such as blindness. Victims of dog bites need advocates in order for them to receive the proper care and recompense that they deserve as a result of their injury. These laws were set out to protect victims, now they simply need a Pensacola injury lawyer who will do the same.

Pensacola injury lawyer Joe Zarzaur of Zarzaur Law is a board certified lawyer in civil litigation, and has personally handled many cases involving dog bites in this area. Joe truly cares about his clients, and is dedicated to gaining justice for those who have been wronged and hurt as a result of others’ negligence. Don’t be afraid to enlist a lawyer who bites back. To find out more about Joe, his firm, or your individual case, please feel free to contact the firm at 855-HIRE-JOE, or by requesting a free case review here