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Local Orthopedic Surgeon, Steve Kronlage, M.D. Found Liable by Jury

Last Month a Santa Rosa County jury found against a local orthopedic surgeon for a burn caused to patient while she was sedated. The doctor, Steve Kronlage, M.D., claimed that he was 100% not at fault for this injury. He felt this way despite the fact that he was the only surgeon in the room, he was the last to handle the hot instrument and was the only doctor scrubbed who knew that the hot orthopedic device being used would be strapped to the patient’s arm for several minutes. Dr. Kronlage, who also has some run ins with both law enforcement and the medical board, decided to blame this entire event and injury on a nurse that he claims should have known better than him. Since this was a jury trial and not a confidential settlement, everything is public record and can be viewed by any and all interested parties. This particular case can be viewed by going to the Santa Rosa County Clerk’s website and search for records under his name. The style of this case is Corwell-Steele v. Kronlage. Another client served all the way to trial by Joe Zarzaur and his team at Zarzaur Law. To learn more about this case or any medical malpractice case, you can contact Zarzaur Law at 855-hirejoe or