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Five Most Common Car Accident Injuries

common car accident injuriesIf you’ve been involved in an automobile or truck accident, whether minor or major, knowing a good Pensacola personal injury lawyer is nothing short of prudent. Auto collisions can cause a wide range of injuries. The following are five of the most common car accident injuries sustained. Many of these end up in court for driver negligence, lack of insurance, or countless other reasons.

1. Cuts and Bruises – While these, the most common car accident injuries, are often unfairly referred to as “minor”, cuts and bruises can require multiple surgeries, cause profuse internal or external bleeding, and often result in permanent scarring. Think you don’t need a capable Pensacola personal injury lawyer when you “escape” with nothing but cuts and bruises? That might be worth rethinking.

2. Spine, Back, and Neck Injuries – The range of damage inflicted by a spinal injury is immense and often immeasurable. These injuries can be a nuisance or completely debilitating. They are very complex to diagnose and treat, and are among the most time-consuming, costly, and painful injuries when it comes to physical therapy.

3. Broken Bones – Hands, wrists, arms, ribs, and facial bones often bear the brunt of the collision force. Time spent in a cast takes away from your daily life and may impair your ability to work.

4. Brain Injuries – Injuries to the head are among the most serious and life-altering you can sustain in a collision. From concussions to brain swelling or damage, having a Pensacola personal injury lawyer as your advocate is absolutely imperative as these injuries are often grave, time-sensitive, and incredibly costly.

5. Psychological Damage – This often overlaps with the four above, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that requires time and extensive therapy is not uncommon for accident victims. These injuries are often the hardest to prove, and retaining a Pensacola personal injury lawyer will certain lessen your risk of losing out on financial recovery.

Upon looking at this abbreviated list of the most common car accident injuries, a Pensacola personal injury lawyer would surely be quick to point out there are notable omissions. Internal injuries, loss of consortium, and many other accident-related conditions can necessitate medical care, force a victim to miss work, or cause permanent loss of specific bodily functions. Whatever the injury, a good lawyer will exhaustively examine all angles of fault (negligence, recklessness, etc.) and potential damages, not resting until his or her client gets every cent of what they are legally entitled to.

Your search for an advocate should begin right here with Pensacola personal injury lawyer Joe Zarzaur of Zarzaur Law. Joe is a board-certified lawyer (one of the few in the entire state) who has consistently advocated and won for victims just like you over the years. Joe will not budge at a subpar settlement attempt and will get you what you deserve even if he has to go all the way to verdict. There’s a reason people hate Joe Zarzaur: it’s because he holds liable drivers accountable for their actions. To find out more about Joe or consult about your specific injuries, please contact the firm right away at 855-HIREJOE, or by requesting a free case review through our website.