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Do You Know The Rules Of The Road? (Take The Quiz)

Test Your Knowledge with These Driving Test Practice Questions

Taking online practice tests is an easy way to gain the knowledge you need to pass the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) written driving test. Practice tests can quiz you on any of the information found in the Driver’s Handbook relevant to your state. The Handbook covers all of the knowledge you need to pass the test and become a safe driver.

About the Test

The written knowledge driving test is a multiple-choice test, containing approximately 45 questions. You must get 70% of the questions right to pass. Each state produces its own version of the driving knowledge test, as some of the information on these tests is specific to the traffic laws in that state. These concepts are taught in driver’s ed courses.

Practice tests are widely available online and are often posted by state motor vehicle agencies as well as by private driving education sites. Practice tests use many of the same questions as found on real DMV tests and cover the same areas of knowledge, so in many ways, they accurately mirror the real test.

Test Your Knowledge

Here are sample questions similar to the ones found on online driving knowledge practice tests and the real DMV tests:

1. What is the correct name for the white line on the road at an intersection? 

A. Turn lane

B. Crosswalk

C. Limit line

Answer: C. Limit line

2. When you and another car arrive at an intersection with STOP signs at the same time, you should yield to the other vehicle if: 

A. The other car is to your right

B. The other car is already entering the intersection

C. Both A and B

Answer: C. Both A and B

3. When should you turn off high beam headlights? 

A. When approaching other cars from behind

B. When another vehicle is coming towards you from the opposite direction

C. Both A and B

Answer: C. Both A and B

4. Approximately what percentage of fatal traffic accidents involve alcohol? 

A. 10%

B. 20%

C. 30%

Answer: C. 30%

5. Do not pass another vehicle on the left if: 

A. The car is turning left

B. The car is obeying the speed limit

C. There is a broken white line in the center of the road

Answer: A. The car is turning left

6. If you get a flat tire while driving you should: 

A. Turn on your hazard lights and drive to a service station

B. Keep the steering wheel straight, slow down, and pull over

C. Speed up until you find a safe exit

Answer: B. Keep the steering wheel straight, slow down, and pull over

7. If another vehicle is tailgating you, you should: 

A. Speed up

B. Slow down

C. Change lanes and allow them to pass you

Answer: C. Change lanes and allow them to pass you

You can take online practice tests as many times as you need to, until you consistently get a score above 70%. Then you will be ready to take the DMV written knowledge test and pass it with ease.

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