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Apply Now For The Zarzaur Law Triathlon Team For The 2022 Season

Zarzaur Law is accepting new applications to add a few new members to the Zarzaur Law Triathlon team for next season. The team is looking for new members who exemplify the following characteristics: 

Good Ambassador:

When the word ambassador pops up, many people think we’re looking for people who own the top steps of the podiums. While being fast is a great contributing factor and several of our athletes are incredibly fast, that, in and of itself, is not what it takes. The Zarzaur Law Triathlon Team is looking for triathletes that want to live lifestyles of health, fitness and truly love endurance sports. We’re looking for people who try to give a word of encouragement to others who are on the course, road, and water. And lastly, race to the absolute best of your ability and have the drive to be the best YOU can be but, congratulate others even when things don’t go according to plan on race day. 

Philanthropic and Community Focused:

The Zarzaur Law Tri Team focuses extracurricular time on community events and charities. In addition to volunteering at designated events, the Gavel Team has adopted Favor House and the Gulf Coast Kids House as the two charities to support and represent. This includes some required events and fundraisers for these non-profit organizations each season. 

Experienced Triathletes:

Zarzaur Law Triathlon team is looking for experienced triathletes who excel in representing Zarzaur Law, P.A., our two adopted charities, and being a contributing member of the team. It is extremely important that you have the time to dedicate to be a part of this team, the designated races, and the other events. 

If interested, please submit a letter of interest to apply which includes: 

• Prior triathlon related experience (please include race history) 

• Why you meet the characteristics listed above 

• Why you would be a good team member 

-Please email your letter to by August 25th. All applications will be reviewed and decisions will be made by mid-September. Please know that we receive many applications each year and only add a few new members each season.

We appreciate your interest in the team! 

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