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Wrongful Death Series Part 9: A Hospital Autopsy – How Is This Different From A Private Autopsy?

We have seen it many times. A loved one dies while in the care of a hospital, and the hospital is having issues answering your family’s questions. Someone in your family suggests to the doctor that there should be an autopsy.

For reasons within their authority, the medical examiner does not feel their office needs to conduct an autopsy. The family’s questions remain, and the hospital (either risk management or a physician) suggests that the hospital conduct an autopsy at no expense to the family.

This is a HUGE MISTAKE for several reasons that will be discussed below and will usually lead the family to a false sense of security in understanding the cause of death.

The Hospital Autopsy

A hospital autopsy is also termed a post-mortem examination of the body. These examinations generally do not endeavor to determine the cause or manner of death. Rather, these post-mortem examinations identify diseases, diagnoses, or medical problems as potentially related to the death of a patient. Some hospital autopsy examinations will be limited in scope. The exam will only be performed on a specific organ system or disease process depending on the various aspects of the medical care, as reported by the attending clinician.

The Limitations Of The Hospital Autopsy Report

A hospital autopsy is typically performed by a pathologist without specific forensic training or certification. The pathologist will compile a list of diagnoses or medical conditions to include in the final report following a hospital autopsy.

The Report:
The report from these hospital autopsies typically looks more like a detailed description of the anatomy and the various conditions of organs and tissues. What will be missing is any analysis of the condition of these body parts in relation to the cause of death. Some hospitals use this hospital autopsy to show the family the report and then allow the same physicians that treated your loved one to conclude that the cause of death was something other than any negligence. The hospital autopsy reports are so open-ended that they allow for any conclusion to be drawn from their findings.

Why You Should Opt For A Private Autopsy

Keep in mind that the hospital is taking advantage of your family’s vulnerability at this point, and you and your family should always opt for a private autopsy, demanding instead that the body of your loved one not be touched by anyone at that hospital. Remember, you are thinking that this facility may have killed your family member.

Why would you think they (the hospital) are going to do a better job analyzing them after their death?


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