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Personal Injury Lawyer and Triathlete Joe Zarzaur

Can triathlon events be held responsible for injuries or death?

Triathlon Injury Lawyer Joe Zarzaur

Injuries are common in endurance sports like the triathlon and deaths happen more than most realize. Event organizers often claim no responsibility whatsoever due to the mandatory race waiver every athlete is required to sign before the race.

In 2021 triathlete Vincent Luis, a World Champion and Olympic Bronze Medalist, was hit by a car while leading the Ironman race. An officer directing traffic for the race directed the lead car and Vincent to take a wrong turn off the course route. While passing through a neighborhood he was hit, sustaining injuries to his arms and hands that would later need treatment. Thankfully his injuries were not life-threatening. However, the pain of multiple injuries and large medical bills was no fault of his own.

Personal injury LawyerWhat most people don’t realize is that the enforceability of these waivers widely vary from state to state and organizers can be held liable depending on the level of negligence involved. World-class athletes have the resources, medical staff, and legal experts to fight back. To win your injury case, you need the same level of experts working for you.

Joe Zarzaur and the Zarzaur Law Tri Team have been a fixture on the Gulf Coast for many years, relentlessly competing, organizing and building the endurance sports community as well as giving back to other compassionate, hard-working charitable organizations in the area and he’s just as driven in the courtroom.

Joe Zarzaur is a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer who relentlessly fights for his clients and has won record-setting verdicts for injury victims. 

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