Why hate Joe?

I Hate Joe Zarzaur Billboard

Personal injury lawyer Joe Zarzaur

If you’ve ever had the chance to meet him, maybe at Gallery Night or with the Zarzaur Law triathlon team, you probably like Joe Zarzaur.

If however, you’ve ever met him in the courtroom, you may not. The story behind the “I Hate Joe Zarzaur” billboards you’ve seen comes from one of these courtroom encounters. That case ended with a $9.3 million dollar verdict for Joe’s client. You can read the full story below.

Reasons to hate Joe Zarzaur:

  • He’s tenacious.
  • He’s aggressive.
  • He’s not intimidated.
  • He’ll fight.
  • He’ll win.

Reasons his clients love him: See above.

Shouldn’t You Hire an Expert for Your Personal Injury Case?

If all lawyers offer the same “no fee guarantee” unless you win your case, why wouldn’t you choose the best? Joe Zarzaur is Board Certified by the Florida Bar in Civil Trial Law. Only 1% of lawyers in the State of Florida are Board Certified. He’ll fight for you and get the compensation you deserve, no matter the size or resources of the responsible party.

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Verdict 1
Product's Liability Trial Against Medical Device Manufacturer
Verdict 2
Personal Injury Case Against an Appliance Installation Company
Verdict 3
Medical Malpractice - Wrongful Death Against Hospital
Verdict 4
Medical Malpractice - Wrongful Death Against Physician
Verdict 5
Medical Malpractice - Wrongful Death Against Physician Practice
Verdict 6
Product's Liability Trial Against Trailer Hitch Manufacturer
Verdict 7
Wrongful Death Case Against Product Manufacturer
Pensacola Personal Injury Lawyer
Here’s the story behind the campaign
: Pensacola personal injury lawyer, Joe Zarzaur’s recent trial opponents never made any reasonable settlement offers prior to trial despite the serious nature of the case. Instead, this international medical device company, Ethicon Endo Surgery, Inc. (a Johnson & Johnson company), decided to fill a courtroom full of defense lawyers and deny any wrongdoing.The result... An Escambia County jury returned a 9.3 million dollar verdict for Joe’s client. So maybe “hate” is not exactly what those defense lawyers were thinking, but they left in such a rush that we might not ever know. Of course, they appealed… The appellate court took about 36 hours to rule that their appeal did not justify a written response.Pensacola Personal Injury Lawyer

In the end, the good guy won.

Just like Ethicon Endo Surgery, Inc didn’t want to own up to their responsibility, many reckless drivers don’t want to accept accountability for their actions. That’s unacceptable to Joe, and it’s why he works so tirelessly to defend the rights of the victim. So while many reckless drivers may end up hating Joe for not letting them get off easy, his clients love him because he never stops fighting for the compensation they deserve.

Personal Injury Lawyer

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The Florida Bar’s only expert designation:

Joe Zarzaur is proud to be a trial lawyer and personal injury lawyer in Pensacola, Florida. His career is dedicated to representing families that have been the victim of another’s wrongdoing. Joe Zarzaur is an AV Rated, Board Certified Civil Trial Specialist and recognized so by the Florida Bar and the National Board of Trial Advocacy. Watch our welcome video and learn a little more about Joe. Hire Joe Because:joebiopage

  • Only 1% of Florida lawyers have his Board Certification and even less have his experience to go with it. Learn a bit more about Board Certification.
  • AV®rated by Martindale Hubbell – the highest rating possible based on the most established rating system for lawyers.
  • Track Record at the courthouse. Joe Zarzaur and his firm prepare each case as if it’s going to trial. In his time working as a Pensacola injury lawyer, he has been able to achieve record verdicts in both Escambia County and Santa Rosa County.
  • A lawyer’s trial experience matters since the value of your case is one criterion evaluated by the insurance company along with the ability of your lawyer to get a big verdict.
  • Trusted as a public servant–Appointed by Florida Governor to help select judges for Northwest Florida.
  • 100% of his practice is dedicated to 1 type of case – Injury and Death cases.
  • Not afraid of Big Defendant. Joe Zarzaur has sued international companies including Johnson and Johnson and the World Anti Doping administration. He has tried cases to juries in many states across the country including California, North Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.
  • Zarzaur Law employs an on staff medical doctor that works with the firm in preparing your case for trial. Meet Dr. Evan Malone.


When you need a certified expert on your side.
  • 1993 Graduate of Spring Hill College, Mobile, Alabama, President of Student Body
  • 1996 Graduate of Cumberland School of Law, Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama, Dean’s list
  • 1996 Admitted to Florida Bar
  • 1997 Admitted to Alabama Bar
  • 1997 Judicial Clerkship with Honorable Edward B. McDermott, Mobile, Alabama
  • 1998 Associate Attorney at Carr, Alford firm, Mobile, Alabama
  • 2001 Associate Attorney McKenzie and Taylor, P.A., Pensacola, Florida
  • 2003 Partner McKenzie, Taylor and Zarzaur, P.A.
  • 2006 Board Certified in Civil Trial Law by the Florida Bar
  • 2007 Board Certified by the National Board of Trial Advocates
  • 2012 Re-certified by the Florida Bar in Civil Trial
  • 2012 Re-certified by the National Board of Trial Advocates

Board Certification

In 2006, Joe was certified by the Florida Bar and the National Board of Trial Advocacy as a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer (also known as a civil trial specialist). This recognition is reserved for those lawyers who have substantial experience as civil trial lawyers, positive peer reviews (both from judges and fellow lawyers) and who successfully pass a 6-hour exam devoted solely to civil trial issues. The Florida Bar describes this achievement as ” . . .the highest level of recognition by The Florida Bar concerning the competency and learning of attorneys . . .”

Only 1% of lawyers in Florida are Board Certified in their area of specialty and it is the highest measure of competency permitted by the Supreme Court of Florida.

The Firm and its History

In 2007, Joe left the McKenzie firm where he had become a partner and started Zarzaur Law, P.A. In October of 2007, Joe Zarzaur tried a serious injury case in Santa Rosa County, Florida that resulted in a multi-million dollar verdict. This verdict was especially significant for Joe since the insurance company had refused to settle that case for a reasonable demand.zlawsign In 2008, Joe Zarzaur was involved in a case that received international media attention. Joe had the proud pleasure of representing Olympic gold medalist and world champion track star Justin Gatlin. During this representation, Joe was up against various sports organizations from all over the world including the United States Olympic Committee and the International Association of Athletics Federations. This case involved claims that some of these defendants discriminated against Mr. Gatlin. The suit was ultimately settled under confidential terms.

In 2008 Joe served the Democratic Party as counsel to the Obama/Biden Campaign. In this role, Joe was responsible for ensuring that all legally cast votes were counted, and that any disputed ballots were rightfully adjuncated.

In 2010, Joe was selected by then Florida Governor Charlie Crist as a commissioner for the First Judicial Circuit’s Judicial Nominating Commission. This Commission is charged with the responsibility of selecting judges for the trial courts in most of the Florida Panhandle. Joe feels that this public service position permits him to assist in making certain that our courtrooms are run by the best judges available.

In 2011, after working on a case for eight years, Joe obtained one of the largest single injury verdicts in Escambia County, Florida history. The case was against Ethicon Endo Surgery, a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson. The defense lawyers in that case never seemed to give Joe’s client the respect he felt the case deserved. The company never made any serious offers to settle and after the jury heard about two weeks’ worth of evidence from both sides, they decided in favor of Joe’s client for $9.3 million dollars.

Joe has a board certified physician on staff who provides professional expertise for his firm’s personal injury cases both in Pensacola, and in surrounding areas. Dr. Evan Malone assists Zarzaur Law in the review of claims, supplies opinions regarding complex healthcare matters, and serves as an expert witness.


“We will always appreciate Joe’s work. He did an incredible job of representing my grandfather.”

-Personal injury client

“A step above the rest. Joe is a very knowledgeable lawyer with formidable legal skills both in and out of the courtroom. He is unafraid to take on big corporations to glean the truth in highly complex cases and sticks with it until the case is resolved. He is an enthusiastic champion of his clients and will not allow verbal abuses by defendant’s attorney against his clients. He will quickly answer all questions regarding your case and be very honest and frank about the disposition of your case. There is no beating around the bush; he delivers the truth whether it’s good news or bad news.

In the courtroom you will not find another attorney who brings more passion, compelling persuasion, and reasoned logic to a legal argument. There is a tactical and logical plan behind all his opinions and he generally stays two to three steps ahead of the opposing counsel. Joe receives my full confidence and I cannot recommend him enough when it comes to personal injury.”

-Medical malpractice client

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  • fun facts

    Joe is a long distance runner and has competed in Ironman competitions.
    Joe enjoys water activities like windsurfing, kite surfing and sailing.
    Joe supports local art. Check out his community art facebook page here.
    Favorite quote: "Be the change you expect to see in the world." - Gandhi
    Joe invites a yoga instructor into his office for a weekly yoga class.
  • bar admission

    Florida - 1996
    Alabama - 1997
  • Associations

    AV Rated by Matindale-Hubbell.
    Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer from the National Board of Trial Advocacy (2006-present)
    Board Certified Civil Trial Specialist from the Florida Bar (2006-present)
    Commissioner of the Florida Judicial Nominating Commission First Judicial Circuit (2010-present)
    Board Member of the Florida Justice Association (2001-present)
    Member of the Mobile Bar Association (1997-present)
    Member of the American Association for Justice (2000-present)
    Law Week Chair at the Escambia/Santa Rosa Bar Association (2003-2005)
    Barrister at Inns of Court (2008-present)
    Pensacola Inns of Court, Barrister (present)
    Member of the American Board of Trial Advocacy, Associate (present)
    Chair of Judicial Nominating Commission for First Judicial District of Florida (2012-present)
    Board of Directors at First City Arts Council (2012-present)
    President, Board of Directors at Pensacola Museum of Art (2012)
    Board of Directors at Pensacola Museum of Art (2010-2012)
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