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In the video below, Pensacola injury lawyer Joe Zarzaur is joined by Dr. Evan Malone to discuss the risks of exposing an open wound to salt water…

Florida is well known as a boater’s heaven. Our expansive coastline is filled with people spending time on the beach and enjoying the beautiful Gulf waters. But with the increased numbers of people boating, jet skiing, parasailing, and otherwise engaging in water activities, there’s also an increased risk for maritime injuries.

At Zarzaur Law, Pensacola personal injury lawyer Joe Zarzaur and his team of qualified experts have the experience and knowledge necessary to successfully handle boating and water accidents through trial. Our firm has handled maritime cases involving the intracoastal waterway, lakes, rivers and the open ocean accidents. We are familiar with the maritime laws that govern these types of cases and have litigated them in both State and Federal Court. See how one of Joe’s recent cases was partly responsible for a new Florida parasailing law.

Some of the safety concerns associated with watercraft death and injuries include counterintuitive operating characteristics of personal watercraft (off-throttle steering), lack of appropriate operator training, and improper and inadequate warnings. Accidents can happen in a variety of circumstances such as:

  • Collisions with other boats
  • Jetski and Waverunner accidents
  • Scuba diving and snorkeling accidents
  • Parasailing accidents
  • Kitesurfing and windsurfing injuries
  • Waterskiing and tubing accidents
  • Reckless operation of a vessel
  • Boating under the influence of alcoholic beverages
  • Resort Injuries

maritimeIt is critical in a boating accident to determine which laws apply. Depending on where your boating accident occurred, either Florida law, Federal Maritime law, or a combination of both could apply.

Read our blog for information on Florida’s boating and jet-ski safety laws.


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