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What is a Premises Liability Case?
Published: January 15, 2015
What is Premises Liability? Premises liability is a term used to describe the legal responsibility that a landowner...
The Many Lines of Defense Against Uninsured Motorists
Published: January 14, 2015
While the statistics vary slightly, the bottom line does not: Florida is chock-full of uninsured motorists prowling...
When a Child Dies in a Hot Car: The Legal Consequences
Published: January 13, 2015
The recent case of a Georgia man whose young son died after being left in a hot car has sparked outrage...
No Free Bites in Florida
Published: January 12, 2015
If you were bitten by a dog and injured as a result, even if it was partially due to your own negligence...
The Cost of a DUI
Published: January 11, 2015
And that's just if you're lucky, and no one is harmed. If you hurt someone because of your reckless...