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AM 1370 PODCAST INTERVIEW: Zarzaur Law And YMCA Developmental Swim Team Partnership

AM 1370 Podcast Interview: YMCA And Zarzaur Law Developmental Swim Team Partnership

Published: June 2, 2021

Andrea Rosenbaum of the Bear Levin Studer YMCA joined journalist Rick Outzen to discuss the community partnership with Zarzaur Law, PA to launch a new developmental swim team – The Zarzaur Zingrays.

Rick Outzen (RO) – There are so many great things happening in the Pensacola community, and the Zarzaur Law firm has been very active in sponsoring runs, their graffiti wall fundraisers, and so many different things. They’ve got a new partnership with the Y and we’ve got Andrea Rosenbalm here right now to explain it.

Tell us about this partnership and this swim team that’s being put together.

Andrea Rossenbaum (AR) – Well, I think the most fun thing about it is the name, the “Zarzaur Zingrays.” If that doesn’t make you want to be a part of it, I don’t know what will. If you could see the cap and the shirt with the fantastic Zingrays team logo, courtesy of Zarzaur Law.

We wanted the opportunity to create a swim team that would be accessible to all. And by that, we mean kids who might struggle to afford a traditional swim team experience, or maybe kids who just aren’t quite ready for that, but who want to get there. So our concept is to actually have a swim team that would be a little more of a developmental opportunity. Your child can swim and can get across the pool. She can make it across there, but has never really been a part of it (a team). And this is what we’re going to do this summer: put them in with the Zarzaur Zingrays so that they can really develop some skills and maybe move on to the next level. They’ll be competing in meets; they’re going to have a team shirt and team caps; and the Zarzaur Law firm is really making this possible with their sponsorship so that we can make it happen for everybody.

RO – The Zarzaur Zingrays! So, what are the ages and where will they practice?

AR – Anywhere from age four up to 18. We’re going to include all ages, and we’re going to practice at Hunter Pool. Weekday practices will be in the evenings Monday through Thursday, and I, you know, I’ve been there as a parent with kids trying to do that. If you can’t quite make all of them, we understand, but we want to provide that opportunity four days a week to really hone those skills. Then we’re going to practice them, and the goal is to participate in four meets this summer so that these young people will have an opportunity to experience what it means to prepare.

And the Zarzaur Law team is great. You know, they have their gavel guys and gavel girls. They’ve been supportive and our hope is to have them at least come out to one meet to really cheer on the kids and support what’s happening.

RO – They’ve been big in triathlons.

AR – Yeah, and we were looking for an opportunity to really do something with them because Joe is so philanthropic and so engaged both with youth and with wellness in this community that when we had this idea, our aquatics director said, “This is really what I want to do.”

We started talking about us and I think I know who would be a great partner. And so, you know, we went and said, this is an opportunity for you all to expand your footprint in health and wellness, especially with kids who might not otherwise have the opportunity, maybe who want to be a triathlete someday, but you have to start somewhere.

So this is the first step toward getting those kids to be able to do that. So we’re really excited to be partnering with Zarzaur Law. They’re right around the corner from us downtown, and they’re expanding the footprint of wellness in downtown. So we just thought it was a really natural fit.

We’re super excited. We have just a couple of spots on the team left, so it’s not too late to get involved. We are trying to talk to parents and guardians in-person at the Y, but you can call in. We can get you on a list and we can follow up by kind of figuring out where your child is and making sure we get them in and then practicing.

So, anybody who’s thinking, I really would love this opportunity for my child, we would love to welcome them onto the team for the summer. The Zarzaur Law sponsorship makes the cost very, very low. And then we at the Y will offer more financial assistance as necessary. We don’t want the cost to be an obstacle.

RO – Well, it’s a 30-member team. So there are only a certain number of spots. So if you’re interested, you’ve got a child or grandchild or a kid in the neighborhood that you think would benefit from it. You need to call the Y today.

AR – You can reach us at 850-438-4406. Simply state, “I’m interested in swim team.” We’ll get you to our aquatics director or another team member who can help you get the information you need and get you registered.


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