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Zarzaur Law Crash Report: Florida Accidents & Road Dangers
Published: October 7, 2016
Road crash statistics indicate that almost 1.3 million people die in traffic crashes each year, which translates to 3,287 traffic accident deaths in the U.S. every day. Another 20 to 50 million individuals are either injured or disabled. Auto accidents happen every day and come out of nowhere to disrupt your life and leave you
Zarzaur Law TV: Zika Virus Update from Board Certified Internal Medicine
Published: October 4, 2016
In this video, Pensacola Auto Accident Attorney Joe Zarzaur and Board Certified Internal Medicine Doctor, Dr. Evan Malone discuss the dangers of the Zika Virus & updates that have occurred over the past few months. As of October 2016, The CDC has issued an alert for travel to areas where Zika virus is spreading, which
Informed Consent for Minor Patients
Published: October 3, 2016
Informed Consent for Minor Patients The law authorizes parent(s) or guardian(s) of a minor (anyone under the age of 18) to give informed consent for most medical decisions on behalf of the child. Claims by parents alleging treatment of a minor patient without the consent of the parent are relatively rare. Laws vary from state
When Is It Safe To Pass a School Bus? Back-To-School Laws Explained By Pensacola Auto Accident Attorney
Published: September 9, 2016
Drivers who have been caught speeding in school zones know: You have to pay a pricey fine if you get pulled over. In Florida in 2015, law enforcement officers wrote more than 35,000 tickets to people caught speeding in a school zone, according to the Florida Department of Transportation. In Palm Beach County alone last
School Zone Safety Laws & Tips: Pensacola Auto Accident Attorney
Published: September 7, 2016
Zarzaur Law School Zone Safety Laws & Tips Pensacola Law Firm, Zarzaur Law,  wants to educate and raise awareness about school zone safety laws in order to prevent a tragedy. School zones combined with changing traffic and weather conditions create an extremely dangerous situation – the perfect situation for auto accidents. Back to school is
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