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Must Know Facts About Big Truck Accident Cases.
Published: August 12, 2020
The trucking industry in the US is consistently on the rise, even though newer and faster means of transport are being invented by the day. Truck transport is considered to be one of the most suitable ways to get goods across the United States, with about 70% of all products actually reaching their destination via
Escambia County Reports Record 25% Positivity Rate for COVID-19.
Published: August 8, 2020
Today’s data release on current SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) cases in Escambia county marks two sequential days with record-high reporting of percent positivity, with a nearly 20% (19.9%) positivity rate released on August 7 and followed by a nearly 25% (24.9%) positivity rate with the release this morning. Accompanying these findings is another grim statistic:  the highest single day
PSA: Highest Percent Positivity Rating for a Single Day Data Release at 19.9%
Published: August 7, 2020
Our local community continues to see positive results for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), and with the August 7, 2020 release of data the county has realized its highest percent positivity rating for a single day data release at 19.9%.  Meaning, nearly 1 in 5 individuals being tested is resulting as positive. COVID-19: Summary for Escambia County > This
Zarzaur Law, P.A. Announces Settlement 
Agreement in Tymar Crawford Case.
Published: July 29, 2020
PENSACOLA, Fla. (July 29, 2020) — The firm is pleased to announce that the City of Pensacola and the family of Tymar Crawford have reached an amicable settlement of the Pensacola Police Department’s (PPD) use of excessive force that resulted in the killing of Mr. Crawford on July 5, 2019. As the Pensacola Police Department
Zarzaur Law, P.A. Welcomes New Expert Attorney Stephen Bolton to the Firm.
Published: July 27, 2020
Zarzaur Law, P.A. is pleased to announce the addition of attorney Stephen Bolton to the firm. Bolton is a board certified civil trial specialist by the Florida Bar and the National Board of Trial Advocacy and brings more than 35 years of experience and knowledge to the firm. He will join the Zarzaur Law team
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